Take control.


Bureaux Collective is the quality focused and cost effective way for cafes to start roasting.

To be successful in a market as competitive as Melbourne’s, cafe owners are challenged with managing their costs, delivering consistent quality, offering a unique product… all while developing and retaining their key staff. It’s tough, but we can help. Bureaux Collective makes roasting easy, accessible and affordable for every Melbourne cafe.


Unlock the benefits.


Reduce costs

By roasting for yourself, you’ll almost certainly see a positive impact on your bottom line. Get in touch for a quote and compare the numbers for yourself.


Control quality

Taste, test and refine your coffee at every stage of the roasting process. Our expert team will be here to help you craft great tasting roasts that are consistent and high-quality.


Stand out

No-one knows your customer’s tastes better than you, so start producing a blend and singles you know they’ll love. Roast for yourself and take control the coffee you serve.


“If you want to take control of quality, roasting your own coffee is the only way to go.”

Sam Hall-Haydon  |  Owner, Tulip Coffee


Easier than you think.


_ Source

We curate a selection of green coffee to choose from or you are also welcome to source your own. All deliveries can be received and stored by us on your behalf.

_ Book

Call, email, or text our roastery team to organise a regular schedule or ad-hoc bookings that suit your needs for roasting, packing and quality control sessions.

_ Roast

Start roasting with full access to our world-class roasting equipment, packing facilities and open database of roasting profiles, all under the expert guidance of our team.

_ Taste

Regularly evaluate the flavour, quality and consistency of your roasts by making use of our brewing and cupping facilities, and improving your roasts week-on-week.

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Everything you need.



  • Probat Probatone 12kg roaster with Ecologist filtration

  • Packing scoops, scales and thermal bag sealer

  • Espresso station with La Marzocco Linea PB and VA Mythos

  • Cupping station with Mahlkoenig EK43, Acme bowls, and accessories

  • IKAWA Pro digital sample roaster


  • Generous warehouse storage with dedicated racking bays

  • Spacious espresso and cupping workspaces

  • Packing and despatch station

  • Dedicated member parking and loading bay

  • Meeting room, kitchenette, and break room


  • Selection of green coffees for purchase by the kilo or bag

  • Open database of Cropster roast profiles

  • Free induction session and safety training

  • Ongoing expert guidance and support

  • Member deliveries received and logged


Simple pricing.
No contracts.


Questions? Check out our F.A.Q. or get in touch.