The future of sample roasting.

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Accurate, consistent, repeatable quality.

The IKAWA Pro digital sample roaster represents the very future of sample roasting — a process that to date has been unpredictable, unreliable and time consuming, at best. 

By combining laboratory-grade components and engineering with the simplicity of iOS app control, the IKAWA Pro delivers unparalleled accuracy, consistency, repeatability and roast quality for your cupping table. 

Finally, your quality team have easy access to cupping table results they can really rely on.

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Smarter sample roasting.

IKAWA have spent the last 4 years designing a roaster that solved one of the greatest issues at the core of the evaluation process: repeatability and therefore reliability. Bringing digital precision and automation via the IKAWA PRO App to coffee roasting allows for greater control, efficiency and speed, and for finer adjustments to be explored.

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Why change?



The combination of laboratory-grade components and advanced PID technology means you can design and apply exacting profiles for each of your coffees


Ultra-fast response temperature sensors monitor your roasts while the roaster constantly adjusts the application of heat in real time, giving you the same result in the cup every time.


The IKAWA Pro comes in tough Pelican flight case and runs on a standard household power outlet, making it the perfect roaster to pick up and take across the city or around the world.


Driven by the IKAWA Pro App for iOS and Android, the IKAWA Pro roaster lets you produce the highest quality sample roasts, accurately and consistently, while also getting on with other things.


To find out how the IKAWA Pro can revolutionise your sample roasting, call us on +61 3 9088 7511, or email